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My name is Yuliya. I live in Kyrgyzstan. I have been working in tourism area more than 8 years. I really love my Motherland and I will be happy to organize your trip to my country. We have fascinating mountains, magnificent lakes and many other beautiful places.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places where you can find perfect routes for off road driving! So it will be my pleasure to be your helper and make your time – valuable!  

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Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan

Tour 1: Sunny colors
Duration: 5 days
In short: Almaty – BAO – Saty – Kaindy Lake – Charyn – Almaty
To learn more please follow the link

Sunny colors

Tour 2: Grand Tour
Duration: 7 days
In short: Almaty – Altyn Emel – Charyn Canyon – Kolsai Lakes – Issyk lake – BAO – Sunkar – Almaty
To learn more please follow the link

Grand Tour

Tour 3: High Land
Duration: 9 days
In short: Astana – Almaty – Tamgaly – Issyk lake – BAO – Sunkar – Altyn Emel – Charyn Canyon – Almaty
To learn more please follow the link

High Land

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Time to travel in the country of is fast developing. Enjoy tours in Kazakhstan.

Due to the fact that we have been working in the tourism sector for quite some time, it will not be difficult for us to organize tours in Kazakhstan to your preferences. You will be able to see a lot on such a vast territory of Kazakhstan. There you can see not only interesting cultural monuments but also modern technologies. Due to the fact that Kazakhstan is developing very quickly, we can say that the country has a huge potential for the development of tourism and tourism. Here you can see all the steppes, deserts, mountains, lakes. Here you can choose a convenient tour for yourself historical, adventure and self - drive tours.

To get to Kazakhstan, you can choose to fly to Nur Sultan or Almaty, there are airports there are many international flights. In addition, in order not to travel a large amount of time, you can reduce by choosing domestic flights. But for remote areas of the country you can use the car rent service with a driver without a driver.  

You will be amazed at the combination of the diversity of cities in the country that you will see on the Nur Sultan tour of such a country with modern buildings designed by foreign architects, with wide and clean streets. Almaty, in turn, is a city of monuments and parks, the historical center of the country. Here you can see such interesting places for recreation as Medeo Gorge, the Shimbulak ski resort and Big Almaty Lake. These two cities are capable of offering a lot of things both in terms of theory and in modern terms. It is here that you can visit the cultural monuments significant for the country such as the Baiterek Tower of Astana, the Presidential Culture Center, the Hazret Sultan Mosque, Panfilov Park, Zenkovsky Cathedral, the State Museum, Republic Square and many others.

In addition to very interesting cultural monuments, Kazakhstan is also famous for its nature. This is a camp of not only double monuments of Itsorii but also of beautiful nature, it is here that you can see beautiful lakes and incredibly beautiful nature reserves. Here you can spend a lot of time enjoying active tours that include elements of hiking, so you can visit famous Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, tours to the Big Almaty and Issyk lakes in the Almaty region, explore Borovoye National Park near Nur Sultan. If you want to learn more about ancient stories, religions that used to be here once and of course about the great Silk Road that used to pass then you should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit a visit to the Tamgaly-Tass petroglyphs, mausoleums in Otrar and Turkestan. In addition, there are incredibly impressed with the singing dunes in the Altyn Emel National Park and the performances of the eagle show and master classes in the manufacture of felt in Almaty.

All this can be included during the compilation of tours in Kazakhstan. For those who like to explore the country ourselves, we can also offer car rent services with or without a driver. When choosing a car rent, you can drive from one monument to another at your own pace without worrying about anything.

Enjoy the time spent in Kazakhstan organized especially for you.


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