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My name is Yuliya. I live in Kyrgyzstan. I have been working in tourism area more than 8 years. I really love my Motherland and I will be happy to organize your trip to my country. We have fascinating mountains, magnificent lakes and many other beautiful places.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places where you can find perfect routes for off road driving! So it will be my pleasure to be your helper and make your time – valuable!  

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Feedback, Yuliya


Geoff Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Well into our trip in 2018 I wrote to Yuliya to tell how happy we were with the arrangements. I said: “Everything has run like clockwork. Tashkent was excellent, Kiva beautiful, Kunya Urgench very interesting, Ashgabat astounding, Bukhara fabulous & Samarkand simply breath taking. 

The mountain scenery has been beautiful & is showing signs of becoming spectacular. We are delighted & have been at every turn. 

Better still, your choice of guides has been excellent. Ulugbek was an inspired choice. He has a delightful personality & his ready smile & good humour immediately endeared him to the entire group. He was enthusiastic & his knowledge peerless.  He is a wanting encyclopedia! 

Murad in Turkmenistan was also excellent. We only had him for 3 days, but we were very happy with his services. He too, knows his subject matter exceptionally well & provided us with great information & service.

We arrived in Tajikistan and were very happy with our vehicles, our drivers & our guide Bobo. 

Yuliya, thank you for your work & careful planning, we are really most appreciative”. 

The rest of our lengthy tour was just as satisfying as when I wrote the above words. This is high praise & not something I give lightly. I hold a master’s degree in leadership & management outdoors & have taught & worked in this area for some 35 years. In addition, I have been running extensive tours to travel destinations all over the world for the past 26 years. During that time, I have worked with a multitude of tour operators & guides. I can honestly say that there is not a single aspect of the planning, management or guiding of our tour arranged by Yuliya that I can fault in any way. Every aspect of our fabulous tour was outstanding & to be commended as exceptional.

Elena Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Hey guys! Kyrgyzstan is awesoomeee! Come to travel there, you will like. I was satisfied for 100%. Everything was well maintained! I hope that everyone will be glad to visit this wonderful country.

Jasur Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I dreamed of visiting the countries of Central Asia! I decided to start with Kyrgyzstan. This is a really colorful country with very tasty food and hospitality. I was delighted! In the future I would like to travel other countries of Central Asia. I really liked it! Friends, I recommend it!

Jenya Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Our guide not only showed everything perfectly, but was also very frank in terms of the traditions of the people. She also took into account our wishes. Many thanks to the drivers for comfort and safety.

Jura Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Hello! I would like to say how I liked the trip to Kyrgyzstan, it was so beautiful and colorful there. I believe that it is very important to remember information in and not only get impressions, but also some kind of knowledge. Though a little, but it pushes to find out more.

Katya Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Hello! I would like to thank the guide Yuliya. The tour with her was very informative and interesting. I want to note that the guide treats with love and interest in the history of his country.

Kozim Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I was in Kyrgyzstan with the guide Yuliya! She prepared best accommodation there. Being there I enjoyed Issyk Kul and Son Kul. Then I travelled to Tash Rabat. I really liked and captured this moment forever in my heart.

Olya Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I really liked to travel in Kyrgyzstan. I am satisfied. This is a wonderful country with stunning attractions, especially Son Kul lake. People are very good and kind. I recommend visiting this modern country full of highlights!

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