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Silk Road

Silk Road

Tour 1: In the footsteps of the Scythians
Duration: 8 days
Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
In short: Almaty − Issyk − Bishkek − Issyk Kul northern shore − Grigorievskoye – Semenovskoye − Karakol − Bokonbaevo − Bishkek 
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In the footsteps of the Scythians

Tour 2: Golden Triangle Tour
Duration: 12 days
Countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
In short: Bishkek – Ala Archa – Issyk Kul northern shore − Grigorievskoye – Semenovskoye – Karakol – Bokonbaevo − Bishkek – Almaty – Issyk – Almaty – Tashkent – Samarkand – Gijduvan – Bukhara  − Tashkent
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Golden Triangle Tour

Tour 3: Sunny 4 Stan Tour
Duration: 16 days
Countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
In short: Bishkek – Ala Archa – Issyk Kul northern shore – Grigorievskoye – Semenovskoye – Karakol – Bokonbaevo − Bishkek – Almaty – Issyk – Tashkent − Bukhara – Gijduvan – Samarkand − Oybek border – Penjikent – Iskanderkul Lake − Dushanbe – Norak – Dushanbe
For more details, please follow the link

Sunny 4 Stan Tour

Tour 4: “Hellish” 5 Stan Tour
Duration: 20 days
Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
In short: Almaty – Issyk – Bishkek – Issyk Kul northern shore – Grigorievskoye – Semenovskoye – Karakol − Bokonbaevo – Kyzyl Tuu – Osh – Khudjand – 7 lakes – Penjikent – Jartepo – Samarkand – Gijduvan – Bukhara −  Khiva – Shavat – Kunya Urgench – Darwaza − Ashgabat – Mary – Merv −Ashgabat
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Hellish 5 Stan Tour

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Tours along the Great Silk Road is a great opportunity to travel to places where caravan chains with unique goods once passed, get acquainted with the culture and values of the people, see the architectural structures of the Middle Ages, and enjoy unique mountain landscapes. 

Although the Great Silk Road has not existed for several centuries, the memory of it remains in the consciousness of the peoples through whose territories it ran. This is an important page in their history; this is what helped in their development and unification with other nations. Therefore, attempts are now being made repeatedly to recreate the Silk Road as a significant object of cultural heritage. 

You can rent a car with a driver or without a driver. It is worth noting that self-driving is prohibited in Turkmenistan and China. I can make a collaboration and select several countries that you like and connect them. I'm sure you will like this great idea. So prepare your bags and travel right now!

Turkmenistan is the white marble capital of the country’s richest hydrocarbon resources, the largest mosque in Central Asia named after Turkmenbashi, a five-star Avaza resort on the Caspian Sea. During a tour, you will have the opportunity to see the remains of the first states of Central Asia as Merv – one of the oldest states in Central Asia, Nisa – the heart of the Parthian kingdom, Yekedeshik – a cave complex built before our era, Serakhs, the flowering city of the famous Great Silk Road, Kunya Urgench – the center of Muslim shrines and many others. 

To truly feel Uzbekistan in a tour, you will need to temporarily leave the comfort zone, because you will have to visit many places far from Tashkent. But they will be the must see that cannot be missed. This is the shallow Aral Sea, the Zaamin nature reserve, the Chimgan Mountains, the Ichan-Kalu fortress located inside the city of Khiva. Be sure to see the famous minarets of Samarkand and Bukhara, have a walk in Tashkent and arrange Uzbek shopping there – with trade for each sum (Uzbek currency).  

The ancient land of Tajikistan is rich in its architectural monuments, natural beauties and unique places. In Tajikistan there are many picturesque transparent mountain lakes, the highest snow peaks, millennial fortresses, mausoleums and mosques must be visited in travels. Sightseeing in Tajikistan is an amazing combination of Eastern magic and the harsh nature of the mountains. The architectural sights of Tajikistan are concentrated in the west of the country – these are the monuments of Khujand, Istaravshan, Penjikent and Dushanbe. Many of them are associated with important trade routes that ran along the main rivers of Central Asia – the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, and of course, the Great Silk Road played an important role here. I think all of them deserve to be visited in a tour. 

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia. The mountains here are just fire! You will have the opportunity to visit the ancient and colorful Osh Bazaar, Ala-Too Square, the Independence Monument and the Parliament Building, the Museum of National History and the Museum of Art, historical oak grove and Erkindik Gallery. In the vicinity of the city you should visit the Baityk Valley Natural Park and climb Mount Boz Peldek, which offers a beautiful view of Bishkek. At the southern slope of the mountain is located the cemetery "Khan's Graves", where the legendary ruler of the valley is buried. Pay attention to the forged tower with a magnificent dome. Rare plants can be seen in the Chon-Aryk botanical reserve, and health can be improved at the peat mud deposit in the village of Kamyshanovka. 

Kazakhstan is a transcontinental state, part of which is located in Europe, and the other part – in Asia. It occupies the 9th place in the world in terms of area. On the territory of Kazakhstan there are many architectural monuments. Be sure to visit Otrar, the ruins of which bear traces of the conquest of Genghis Khan, the mausoleum of the Sufi poet and mystic Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, where Muslim pilgrims come from all over the world every year. Sights of Kazakhstan also include the most famous Baikonur cosmodrome, from where Gagarin made the first flight into space in the history of mankind. Here, tourists can organize interesting excursions around the cosmodrome, you can travel to the houses in which Soviet cosmonauts lived, a museum, an alley, see stations and rockets. Why not? I think it will be thrill! 

From the first minutes being in China, you find yourself in a cycle of people, cars, mopeds and other ubiquitous objects, devices and animals. The first few hours will be needed solely to get used to the incredibly fast pace of life here, but then you will pour into this stream, feel organic and rush along with it towards a truly monumental country. 

With the help of services of mine, you will get everything you need, starting with car rent, tours, accommodation, food, safety and other necessary things. Just contact me and get your travels done!


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