I’m Jainagul. My name is translated from Kyrgyz as “abundance of flowers”. Foreigners jokingly call me “bouquet” :)

I love Kyrgyzstan and I love telling about my country and helping people to organize exciting tours!

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Apple Tour

Apple Tour

Tour 1: Apple Tour
Duration: 5 days
In short: Almaty − Issyk − Charyn − BAO − Almaty

Day 1: Almaty
We are glad to meet you in the airport of the city of Kazakhstan, Almaty. First goes a city tour which usually takes about 6 hours. It is the time when our guests can travel along the city and get to know all of the historical sites, amazing sightseeing and so on. Almaty is also known as the southern capital of the country bearing such sites as the Green Bazaar, Panfilov Park and of course the Zenkov Cathedral. Being on the bazaar it is recommended to bargain as it is possible to make the price lower. The sightseeing trip concerns the visiting of the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame. It is the place which was created in honor of the people died for the country to be free and independent. Then we make a way to the Kok-Tobe hill with the tallest TV tower to be located. Also, it is the park for all to spend free time not thinking of the busy things. The park is the territory of fascinating views. Right here it is possible to find souvenirs. The day ends with the night booked in the hotel. 

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Day 2: Almaty – Issyk – Almaty
This day starts with the breakfast and a short walk as at 11:00 a.m. the group is going to take a 7 hours way to Issyk Lake. All along the way there is a gorge Trans-Ili Alatau - Issyk Gorge. Being here everyone can witness the site of the caravan route of the oldest times. During the way to the lake, the guides will tell a lot of interesting facts about the history of the country and of the places. The symbol of the country is seen in the bury of mounds, the Saka Period. Also known as the "Golden Man". Having reached the lake the guests are free to visit the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “ISSYK”. The tour continues with rising at the altitude of 1756m above sea level. There is the lake emerged about 10000 years ago. There happened avalanche which caused the creation of the dam, 300m high. The waters of the lake are of the amazing colors, mixed with each other but still being separate. The gorge was the site of the natural disaster of 1963. The day ends with returning back to the city, the night is booked in the hotel.

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Day 3: Almaty –Charyn – Almaty
The visitors have breakfast in the morning and then at 09:00 start for the Charyn Canyon. The route to it takes about 10 hours during which everyone can get to know the details of the canyon. It is said to be one of the most amazing and exquisite natural creations of Kazakhstan. Having reached the canyon the guests can witness the rock cliffs created approximately 12 million years ago. The canyon emerged in such forms due to strong winds and constant sun. The long worth it, we assure, as being here the guests can get acquainted with the local people and wonder the beauties of the panoramic views of the Canyon. The guests can enter the Castles Valley maze. The day ends with the way back to the hotel.

Kazakhstan Tours

Day 4: Almaty – BAO – Almaty
Today we are going to see the Medeo Gorge after having breakfast in the hotel. The gorge is presented by the dam and the great skating rink.  Shymbulak ski resort is located at the height of 2230m above sea level. It is pleasant to stay here as the climate is nice, the sun is shining combined with the snow-fall, mild one. At 13:00 we make a way to the Big Almaty Lake, the road takes 6 hours. Then all can visit the Big Almaty gorge of 2510m above sea level. The lake is the aim of the most boarders as the views are amazing, the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. It is known that the lake emerged due to the melting of the glacier in the ancient times. The water of the lake is always cool, as it is located high in the mountains. Not all of the guests can witness the lake, as the access is prohibited. It is described by it to be the source of drinking-water for Almaty. The lake is surrounded by magnificent nature of Tien Shan firs. Aspen and juniper grow here. When the group returns back, the members can visit the Falcon Farm where it is possible to witness the show of eagles. Then the night is reserved in the hotel. 

Kazakhstan Tours

Day 5: Flight
It is the last day of the trip, the group has breakfast and checks out before 12:00. Then there will be a transfer to airport.

Price per person:
02 pax – 810 $
04 pax – 565 $
06 pax – 440 $
08 pax – 370 $
10 pax – 330 $
Single – 75 $

Early check-in – 30 $
Single early check-in – 45 $  

Half board – 105 $
Full board – 170 $ 

English speaking guide – 465 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
     Almaty – “Kazakhstan” Hotel 3*
- Mineral water supply
- Admission tickets to all museums
- English speaking escort (takes care of organizational questions)            

Service does not include:
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support

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