I’m Jainagul. My name is translated from Kyrgyz as “abundance of flowers”. Foreigners jokingly call me “bouquet” :)

I love Kyrgyzstan and I love telling about my country and helping people to organize exciting tours!

  • 8 years experience of being tour guide and tour operator
  • English, French, Russian, Kyrgyz
  • Tours to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan + combined tours + Silk Road Tours
  • Individually created tour packages
  • Availability. Promptness. Flexibility.


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Feedback, Jainagul

Luna Lin Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Jainagul was our guide during the tour to Kyrgyzstan at 2016. We visited all the wonders of Kyrgyzstan and have been told many legends. I was delighted with the pearl Issyk Kul Lake, Tash Rabat, and many canyons and gorges. I especially admired the mountainscape, such as Tianshan. They are really grand and beautiful.

I really appreciate what Jainagul had done for our group. She is very detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and super friendly. My first experience traveling around Central Asia was so impressed because of her. Two years later, I decided to organize a tour with the help of Jainagul for my husband’s college classmates. This time, we ventured into more countries, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. At the first glance, they seem to have a common history and language, but they are still unique in their own ways. However, one thing is certainly common across these countries: the people in these Stans countries are very hospitable and always ready to help.

Tourism in those countries is on the way of becoming more popular, and local tour companies are doing their best to offer high-quality services. I would certainly recommend Jainagul and her company to those who love the history and culture along the Great Silk Road. I have been to Central Asia for three times, and I believe I will definitely visit again because I still have so much I want to see and never tired of the culture, history, food, and nature wonders.

Raimond Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Nous avons fait un voyage extraordinaire au Kyrgyzstan et Tadjikistan dont nous nous souviendrons toujours. Et en grande partie grâce à notre guide! Nous sommes heureux car ce voyage a été une réussite et on a pu admirer des paysages magnifiques et rencontrer des gens extraordinaires!

Michal Bloch Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Thanks again that you host us as special guest in your country. Everyone in our group was very impressed how you take care of us. After this tour like never before i was relaxed and rich of new experience from Central Asia. Usually i travel with young people but this kind traveling i enjoyed much – good hotels, local food and always something which can surprise me.


Elena Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Hello! I was in Kyrgyzstan and I liked the tour at 100%! I want to come again. I also liked the fact that I was able to choose in advance what I want to do and this is very important since traveling should bring pleasure.

Iskan Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I am very glad to have a wonderful tour with my family in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We love all Central Asian countries. I want to say thanks for the best service of our guide Jainagul. She has a lot of knowledge about nomads and of course The Great Silk Road.

Izzat Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I travelled in Kyrgyzstan with my wife. She asked me a lot to travel in Turkmenistan. So I made true her dream and got tickets. Our guide was Jainagul. She really knows everything. So I want to say thanks for the best tour!

Nasiba Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours
Hello! I had fun in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Food was very delicious. People are very hospitable. Thank you the best guide Jainagul! She made my tour. I finally achieved my dreams and will continue for further steps.

Umida Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

The nature here is simply incredible. I took such cool photos. I really think that you will be bewitched by this country. I recommend to everyone to have a tour in this country! You will like it for sure.

Nastya Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours
I decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The reason was Darwaza Gas Crater. I just like extreme tours. So it was one of my dreams to see it. Finally I saw. Ahhhh this is really hell! I also spent night in tents. This is awesome feeling!

Timur Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours
Hola! I had an unforgettable time with my friends in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These are very beautiful countries with high hospitality. I saw how nomads look like. Their dresses are very beautiful. Pamir Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. I took lots of photos and will show to my other friends so they can travel there and see by their own eyes.

Umid Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours
Hello! I used the services of a wonderful guide Jainagul. She showed me many amazing places and presented information very interestingly. Most of all I liked the hospitable people, they were always happy to see new faces.

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