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The Tushoo Kesuu ceremony

For many centuries until now the childbirth is considered to be the happiest and the scariest process for the woman and her family. Unfortunately long time ago giving birth to a child didn’t guarantee the child would survive. That is why all of the traditions connected with the childbirth actually were aimed at giving strength to a little human, for them to stay strong and healthy, for no demons and bad spirits to affect them.

Making a getaway to our country as a member of Kyrgyzstan car for rent program, there is a happy luck to be the witness of the tushoo kesuu ceremony made when the child is already one year old. As it is the time when children start making their first steps in this tremendous world. Since the ancient times such a ceremony was an obligation of parents for their baby to stay still on their legs with happy and great future. At the same time, the Kyrgyz believe that if the child walks and constantly stumbles, so it is the fault of parents, who failed to make the ceremony in time.

The ceremony is usually a great day, with the attendance almost of all the relatives from both sides. Parents organize the toi (the high day itself) in the restaurant. The tradition is served in this very place as follows:

Just imagine, baby’s legs are knitted up with a rope of pure sheep’s wool (white and black). Try to guess the symbolization of colors! … Right! White for good and black for evil. Then right to the baby teenagers start to run with the first to reach a little human to cut the rope. The one to reach the baby takes the previously arranged knife for the tradition and prize of the winner.

The next point of the ceremony goes with the two teenagers, having reached him first, supporting the boy or girl helping to make first steps. For now the ceremony is interesting from the idea that there are various categories of the race – for men, women, and teenagers.

This day guests of the ceremony come to the restaurant, some of them on cars rent Kyrgyzstan, and bring presents. But since the ancient times, there was a consideration that life can be rather difficult and it is necessary to prepare a child for it. This meant a child to have various challenges all during their life, and since this ceremony children start to compete with various complications of life.

So, for now, with developed medical support, there are more children having undergone a heavy birth process. This means, there are more happy children going through the life, and having undergone all of the traditions of the Kyrgyz people. The great recommendations of our team is to rent a car and travel in Kyrgyzstan, as it is possible to witness all of the traditions and customs, as Kyrgyz people are extremely hospitable and good hearted and are happy to see more and more guests on their high day.

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