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Customs and traditions

Customs and traditions

Hello! I am going to tell you a rather interesting discussion about the customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people came from nomads. I have no doubt it will be interesting for you when you travel in Kyrgyzstan.
It is known that Kyrgyzstan is a hospitable country where special respect is shown to every traveler. Kyrgyz say: “Guest in the house, grace to the house.” 
The customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people are closely related to the nomadic way of life. Thus, i would like to talk about the basic values that accompany the Kyrgyz during their lives. I hope this information will be helpful in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Birth of a child

Birth of a child is a special event in every family. According to customs, the one who reports the good news about the birth of a child receives "suyunchu" (a gift) from relatives, as well as a "korunduk" (amount of money) in order to look at the baby. It is important to note that before parents did not have the right to give a name to their baby. This procedure was performed only by respected people or the oldest in the family. At the moment, this rule is rarely practiced, but if practiced, it is only because of family principles. Then they arranged special holidays such as "beshik toy" (in honor of the birth of a child), "tushoo kesuu" (for the first steps), and after a while "sunnot toy" (circumcision). You may notice that the birth of a child is a whole ceremony, which makes the culture of the people rich.

  • Wedding
Noisy and colorful celebrations everyone loves! As in any culture, a wedding is considered to be a special event. Let's look at wedding traditions. The marriage brokers from groom side come to the girl, after the consent of both parties; negotiation of the conditions of the wedding begins, as well as talks about the size of the ransom (kalym). Further, the bride’s parents begin preparations for "kyz uzatuu" (seeing off from the parental home) where the marriage brokers from groom side bring "kiyit" (valuable gifts to the bride’s family) and give "kalym". Next, the bride is taken to the groom's house and put on a white scarf. There is a religious marriage "Neeke". Since the Kyrgyz love a feast all over the world, the celebration takes place all week and even a month. It is worth noting that wedding ceremonies differ in different regions. It all depends on financial capabilities. Today, most families do not adhere to all traditions, and prefer to arrange weddings in the European style.
  • The last journey

The funeral is the saddest stage in the life of every person. Since the Kyrgyz profess Islam, funeral rituals consist of the following stages: announcement, mourning, burial. On this day, it is important to be merciful to each other and forget all insults. Relatives, neighbors, friends are united into one whole and begin preparation for the last journey. Someone sends the message of death; someone is responsible for organizing the funeral as cooking and accepting guests. The commemoration is performed on the third, seventh, fortieth day and after one year, when they held "ash" (annual commemoration, when the mourning ended). In the funeral tradition, there is such a thing as "koshumcha" (material assistance), where relatives, friends and others help the family of the deceased. The funeral is usually held at home, if it is a private house or in a restaurant.

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