I’m Jainagul. My name is translated from Kyrgyz as “abundance of flowers”. Foreigners jokingly call me “bouquet” :)

I love Kyrgyzstan and I love telling about my country and helping people to organize exciting tours!

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Currency exchange 
Hello, friends! Today I will tell you where and how you can use the services of a currency exchange during a tour in Kyrgyzstan. You probably know that the Kyrgyz national currency is the som. Travelling in the country you will get acquainted with a huge number of currency exchange offices. Mostly, a passport is required for currency exchange, but this rule does not apply at some currency exchange offices. You can choose any convenient currency exchange office and exchange any amount of money. Some of them operate around the clock and are located at almost every step. Read more...

Customs and traditions

  • Birth of a child

Birth of a child is a special event in every family. According to customs, the one who reports the good news about the birth of a child receives "suyunchu" (a gift) from relatives, as well as a "korunduk" (amount of money) in order to look at the baby. It is important to note that before parents did not have the right to give a name to their baby. This procedure was performed only by respected people or the oldest in the family. Read more...

In Kyrgyzstan, you will have the opportunity to feel free. It has everything you need for your comfort. When you plan to travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will need a SIM card. So it is recommended notifying your guide in advance to buy for you, because they can be used only if they have been registered with a passport. Other case you can buy it by yourself in the airport or mobile operator stores and choose convenient tariff. Read more...

So, the climate of Kyrgyzstan is continental, dry due to remoteness from the seas and oceans, just like the mountains are located almost in the center of the continent. The reason for this is the dry air over the entire territory of the country, due to which there is an average of 247 sunny days per year. Normally, the temperature in Kyrgyzstan is very different, for example, in summer the Ferghana Valley reaches almost 30 degrees Celsius, but in valleys located high in the mountains, the average temperature is around -30 degrees in winter. Read more...

Nightlife in Bishkek
I would like to touch upon an interesting topic for our blog: nightlife in Bishkek. After a hard working day or a trip, each of us wants to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the company of friends. To do this, nightlife came up to get high! There are a lot of nightclubs you are going to see in a tour in Kyrgyzstan with different style, age controls, music and prices. They are unique in their own way. You just have to choose the theme that you like.
I have selected the most interesting nightlife places that you will certainly want to visit at your leisure. Read more...

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