Let me introduce myself. My name is Gulzina. My city is Bishkek. I grew up and studied in this city.
I have many interesting hobbies, for example, dancing traditional folk dances, walking around, taking pictures and decorating clothes. These are my main hobbies to which I pay maximum attention.
But if I'm interested in something new, then I will definitely try it myself. 


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Wedding …

It is one of the happiest and highlighted events in the lives of a girl and a boy. Their families are always cheerful to give a blessing to the couple and then to make a great holiday for all the people, the relatives and close friends to know about it!

You can start thinking about why the Kyrgyz give so much attention to wedding customs. And we can answer – family is the basis of their life. There is nothing can be done without family, respect and love. And today there exist several ways of making a wedding, a customized and a modern one. Or, the one which traces back to the ancient times of the Kyrgyz family along with the Soviet times and the wedding influenced by Western countries. Traditional wedding needs less financial contributions, but gives obligations for the customs and traditions to be held. The western kind of the event needs much money contributions.

One of the first customs for every Kyrgyz family is bride kidnapping, ala kachuu. But it is a joyful custom, if the couple knows each other and they have decided to get married for themselves. A tragic event can be seen when the groom decides to get married and finds a girl, kidnaps and makes her to marry him. That is why this custom starts to be prohibited by the law. Moreover, due to the ancient times the marriage can be an agreement of the parents, when the children are not still even born.

In case you travel in the country and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, note the ears of the girls. Long time ago those girls having golden earrings gave a consent for marriage, also it means an engagement. This is the custom of “soiko saluu”. There is always an obligation for the girl to have a kalim. It is a so-called price for the wedding from the side of the bride. Here there is a special box with all of the things needed in the married life – blankets, pillows, clothes. Along with cattle to be given as well.

Just imagine, the Kyrgyz couple needs to make an engagement set by God – nike, when mullah reads words of price asking for the truth of the decision to become a family. Then goes the other custom – kyz uzatuu. Visit the country on Kyrgyzstan cars for rent and there is an opportunity to see that kyz uzatuu is mostly for the bride, with an extent of the wedding. During this day relatives and close friends of the bride come to the restaurant, and say good bye to her. Feast, or toi, is made for commemoration of this day. The next step is a wedding itself.

As for the statistics of the country, there are regional differences. So, don’t be surprised having seen an extremely young girl married an older man. In the south of Fergana Valley as well as in the lowlands, both men and women get married in a young age. But in Bishkek and the Chui valley girls are usually younger than men. At the same time there was an inquiry saying that in 1999 about 34% of women have never felt a happiness of wedding, and 72% of men have never met their love to marry.

But let’s finish our discussion with cheerful information, okay? The last point of the custom concerns the wedding day itself, and we know that. But it is worth seeing due to toasts of the guests, along with visiting of picturesque and heart-stirring sites of the country, decoration of cars rent and owned. And of course there is nothing can be done without a table full of delicious food and dancing under the notes of the Kyrgyz music.

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