Let me introduce myself. My name is Gulzina. My city is Bishkek. I grew up and studied in this city.
I have many interesting hobbies, for example, dancing traditional folk dances, walking around, taking pictures and decorating clothes. These are my main hobbies to which I pay maximum attention.
But if I'm interested in something new, then I will definitely try it myself. 


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Hello, friends! Each person wants to bring from the trip not only many selfies against the backdrop of attractions, but also some things to remember for themselves, relatives and friends. I will tell you where and how they can be purchased during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Let's see what the guests of our country prefer.
Europeans, for example, hardly wear large jewelry – well, maybe only on big holidays, but in ordinary life it’s somehow not “comme il faut”. Many Western companies have a dress code, according to which bulky jewelry is simply not permissible. In general, the more modest they are, the better.
My foreign friends are delighted with Kyrgyz jewelry, but instead of massive earrings that can give the image a kind of "carnival", they want to buy small earrings with a national ornament to wear them for work and proudly tell colleagues that this is "Made in Kyrgyzstan".
A friend of mine from England admitted that her daughter wore a Kyrgyz felt "chapan" only at the Christmas party at school, because it is very bright, beautiful and a little theatrical. Unfortunately, most of the national-style jackets and skirts look too "festive" for foreigners.
The best-selling clothes are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and practical to use. Foreigners often look for classic blouses or jackets of calm tones with small patterns, so that, again, they can be worn both at work and on a visit. The limit of dreams for any tourist is not only a thing with a national ornament, but also truly fashionable.
As a rule, Europeans prefer souvenirs that can be easily transported and used in different situations. It always seemed to me that nobody really uses key chains-openers, but they always cost a little more and are buying more actively, because they have at least some practical use. By the way, our masters sometimes rely on raw materials in design, but, in my opinion, it should be "seeming raw" so that aesthetics are not lost.
All these products can be purchased at TSUM, where the price is still quite high, or at the Osh Bazaar, where prices are much cheaper and you can bargain. In general, prices for Kyrgyz souvenirs range from 100 soms ($ 1.50) and higher depend on the quality of the goods and, of course, your budget. 
I noticed that many foreigners go to a restaurant with national cuisine on the first day of their travel in Kyrgyzstan, and the next day they ask if we have Italian or French restaurants here. The fact is that our dishes are too heavy for Europeans, so it would not hurt to offer them a "lightweight", that is, less greasy option.
Since Kyrgyzstan is a diverse country, i would like to tell you how to surprise our guests and what they will not find in their country.

  • Sewing industry “Made in Kyrgyzstan”.

Today, the clothing industry is very developed in the country. A lot of clothes are produced here, namely high-quality ones, which are exported abroad and are very popular.

  • Production of stone fruits, fruits and vegetables

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most organic countries in the world. The fruit industry is very developed here. Here you will find apricots, apples, grapes, prunes, strawberries, quinces, pears, where they are dried and exported abroad.

  • Legumes

The region has about 60 legumes processing companies. There are also small plants for the purification and preservation of legumes. Kyrgyzstan is in the market for exporting legumes in different countries.
Judging by recent research, our citizens believe that tourism can become a driving force for the development of the country. Today, tourism is not only the organization of tours, but also many related industries that should be customer-oriented. For a tourist to want to buy and wear something with Kyrgyz ornaments, it must be of high quality, practical and fashionable. Like it or not, nobody canceled the world fashion trends.

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