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Do nots

Do nots

Hello, friends! I would like to touch upon an important topic for our blog that every tourist should observe if plans to travel to Kyrgyzstan.
It is no secret that the Post-Soviet countries of Central Asia are known for traditional hospitality and friendliness for tourists. But it is important not to commit acts that violate local traditions and can be regarded as an insult. Thus, I will try to describe the cultural taboos that should be avoided during your tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Remember! To show squeamishness to honorable meat dishes, no matter how exotic they may seem; put a sacred felt hat (ak kalpak) in the bathhouse as well as put feet on a horse’s neck! All of them are strictly forbidden!

The traditional dish is the property of Kyrgyzstan, not “Ugh!”
The guest can be cordially offered cooked lamb head, brains and tongue, large intestines stuffed with offal, varied and very odorous offal of cows and horses. Some people will not like if you start to treat these traditional dishes from meat with disgust. Just politely pretend that you already tasted. This will be enough! Nobody will be captive, believe me. However, if the owner gives you the boiled eye of a sheep, explaining that he himself ate the other eye, then, according to signs, he wants to see you again. In this case, you are unlikely to get out!:)

Hat abuse is punishable by law
The Kyrgyz felt hat – ak kalpak is considered not only the ancient and most practical option for saving the nomad's head from wind and rain, hot and frost, but also a sacred headdress! It must not be thrown to the ground, exchanged, removed unnecessarily, sold and mortgaged. It is also forbidden to use it in the bathhouse. It’s just impossible to use the artistic heritage of the nation utilitarian, in the same row with basins, soap dishes and washcloths. So people who are guilty of abuse of ak kalpak will be liable in accordance with the law. I advise you not to do this during a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan, not Kirgizstan
Never call Kyrgyzstan, Kirgizstan! Since this is two completely different words and meanings.

Horses are sacred
It is forbidden to beat and humiliate animals, because they provide food, milk and skins for warmth. And therefore, even riding a horse, do not put feet on his neck. The Kyrgyz horse has always been and remains in special honor.

Kyrgyz are very superstitious
It is not good to leave unwashed dishes at night; otherwise it will be used by shaitan (evil). You cannot turn the cauldron upside down; some believe that well-being will leave the house.

Tea is a ceremony
Do not ask to complete your bowl (cup) with tea to the brim. "They will constantly add tea to you so that it does not have time to cool down, and you can always drink it hot," says Sergey Glukhoverov, director of "Travel Experts" Travel Company. 

Open clothes are a sign of vulgarity
Do not wear too short or open clothes, because in Kyrgyzstan the predominant population is Muslims. Although in the capital and resort area of Issyk-Kul Lake shorts and T-shirts are quite normal.

Filthy language and alcohol
About alcohol: It may not be at the wedding as well as in some cafes. If there is, then in small quantity. Therefore, leaning on it is not worth it. But again, no one will blame you look askance. Just try not to drink near old people.
About filthy language: It is undesirable, if you do not like something and start obscene and publicly discuss this in public places with impolite phrases or words. Do not scandalously discuss an absolutely shallow situation, and poke a finger around everyone showing dissatisfaction.

Visit to the mosque
The rules of conduct in mosques are worth knowing. Nobody will expel you and not oppose your visit, because the doors of the mosque are open to all. Just remember to take off your shoes before entering. No one will steal them. In large mosques, several hundred people pray and everyone always finds their shoes. Remember, women and men pray in separate rooms. Therefore, if you do not have a guide, ask the locals how to get to the appropriate room. Be sure to ask your local administration representative if you can take pictures. Most likely, you will not receive a refusal.

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