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My name is Cholpon. I grew up in a small town of Naryn in the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. From the early ages my passion was to travel and discover new places. I enjoyed showing around to my friends and teachers who came from abroad to teach English. Further I entered the University to study linguistics but to connect my life with tourism it was not enough. Therefore I went through special courses of guiding by local mentors in Bishkek who run tourist agencies. This is how I got involved into this world of adventures and new experiences.
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Travel to Turkmenistan

 Travel to Turkmenistan

Tour 1: Mary Tour
Duration: 4 days
In short: Ashgabat, Mary − Merv − Ashgabat
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Mary Tour

Tour 2: Miracle Insight of Turkmenistan
Duration: 7 days
In short: Ashgabat – Mary − Merv − Kowata – Nokhur village − Darwaza − Ashgabat  
To learn more please follow the link

Miracle Insight of Turkmenistan

Tour 3: Along sacredness
Duration: 10 days
In short: Ashgabat − Kov Ata – Nokhur – Balkanaba t– Yangykala – Gozli Ata – Turkmenbashi – Avaza – Mary − Merv − Margush − Damla − Darwaza − Ashgabat
To learn more please follow the link

Along Sacredness


Tour 4: Extension tour with highlights of Turkmenistan
Duration: 6 days
Places to visit: Ashgabat – Kow-Ata – Nokhur – Balkanabat – Yangykala – Gozli-Ata – Turkmenbashy – Awaza – Ashgabat – Darwaza – Kune Urgench – Shawat border
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Extension tour with highlights of Turkmenistan

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Welcome to the country of emerald origin! Turkmenistan is a bright country where the traditions of the people, preserved from their ancestors, are strictly revered. 

Should I visit Turkmenistan on a trip to Central Asia? Of course! After all, here you will discover many new and interesting things, see the famous carpets of dazzling beauty, touch the lightest silk and try delicious melons. With the help of car rent with a driver you will enjoy your tours. 

The country of the Great Silk Road and the great Karakum desert, Turkmenistan today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Asia. Tourists are attracted here by the ruins of the brilliant cities of the past of almost all the famous stories of the powerful dynasties of Asia and Persia, the endless steppes and the eternal “black sands”, thoroughly forgotten in the post-Soviet era, but such an alluring life: skullcaps and pilaf, Akhal-Teke horses and colorful folk weddings Kyzyl, green tea and much more. Why not to travel in Turkmenistan? 

All of these possible if you travel in Turkmenistan. I am ready to assist you and prepare wonderful tours, you will always keep in your heart. 

Among other things, here you can see with your own eyes that there is a personality cult in Turkmen. Frankly, you can’t believe that this is possible in the 21st century, and not in Nero Rome or the feudal vassal Middle Ages. Why are there even a golden statue of the president turning after the sun, a lifelong “shah” and an obligatory oath of allegiance to the “father of the Turkmen” every day! Turkmenistan knows how to surprise us. Don’t miss this chance having tours here as well as rent a car. 

Turkmenistan attracts tourists with its unique natural monuments: stunning flora as forests of wild fruit and nuts, juniper forests on the mountainsides, pistachio savannah woodlands, floodplain tugai. Diverse fauna as Central Asian leopards, argali, kulans, gazelles. You will be impressed by bewitching landscape from picturesque mountain ranges to the lifeless sands of the desert, from green oases to a many-kilometer sea coast. It is worth travelling in Turkmenistan and see the natural beauty by own eyes! 

Being in Ashgabat city, you will have an opportunity to visit ancient Nisa and Merv, Kunya Urgench and take a lot of photos at the edge of Darwaza and enjoy moon landscapes of Yangi-Qala and Kow-Ata lake.   

I am ready to provide such kind of exclusive tours and car rent according to your budget and taste.


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