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My name is Cholpon. I grew up in a small town of Naryn in the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. From the early ages my passion was to travel and discover new places. I enjoyed showing around to my friends and teachers who came from abroad to teach English. Further I entered the University to study linguistics but to connect my life with tourism it was not enough. Therefore I went through special courses of guiding by local mentors in Bishkek who run tourist agencies. This is how I got involved into this world of adventures and new experiences.
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Winter tours

Tourism in winter does not sleep in Kyrgyzstan and it has a lot to offer for lovers of interesting historical visits, temperate horse riding, adventurous skiing and many others. The mountains and all the landscape is covered with white snow creating great dazzling views waiting to be explored. Let us concentrate on what Kyrgyzstan can offer in winter more in depth.

If you are staying around Bishkek for a short period of time, besides regular excursions and visits to bazaar, you can drive one hour south of Bishkek to be in the middle of alpine forest with murmuring river under frozen layers of ice and majestic mountains of Ala Archa gorge. It is a national park located in just 40 km drive from the city but reveals a great difference in landscape. You can make a short walk along the river on a paved road or hike for couple of hours to make it up to the panoramic view of the gorge. This place is good for one day tours.

The next point nearby Bishkek is Chunkurchak gorge where you can ski in the slopes of Kyrgyz Ala Too range and stay overnight in bungalos and yurt-style hotel of Supara Chunkurchak. Even though you are not a big fan of winter sports, you can spend great days enjoying the views, delicious cuisine and cozy hotel facilities. For this day you can use a car for rent to reach the gorge.

In 150 km east from Bishkek there is a gorge named Chon Kemin with small villages. A local family with a guesthouse provides horse ride, ride on sleighs (open and inflatable) in the mountains nearby. This ride is good for beginners as well as for experienced riders. Hospitable family can cook you traditional lunch.

If you are staying for a few days, you must visit Issyk Kul lake, the largest alpine lake in Central Asia. You can spend overnight in a nice 4* resort by the shore of lake to enjoy the serenity of nature. Make visits to local ethnography museum, open air museum of ancient petroglyphs or cultural center of Rukh Ordo. Also there a chance to ride ski on the slope of Terskey Ala Too Mountains in the largest ski resort located near Karakol. There are many options of hotels, guesthouses and cottages in this area. The southern shore of the lake is full of sights to stop by during your tour: red rocks of Jeti Oguz gorge with a Broken Heart mountain, Fairy Tale canyons with rock formations of amazing shapes and colors, eagle hunter who can show his birds of prey and even organize an eagle show upon request, Kyzyl Tuu, village of yurt masters and many others.

If you are fond of extreme driving, you can rent a car and attempt to explore remote areas of Kyrgyzstan with difficult passes and roads. You can try to drive up on Son Kul lake, at the altitude of 3016 meters. All four passes leading to the lake are a big challenge, if you make it, you will be very lucky. Once you drive up to the top you will be amazed by the views of the frozen surface of the lake, isolated beauty of mountains and meadows which are usually dotted with yurts and livestock in summer time. Besides Son Kul lake, you can drive to Kara Koyun gorge where you can visit Tash Rabat caravanserai, a unique architectural complex preserved from the medieval ages.

The south of the country also presents a great interest for visitors, especially Arslanbob walnut forest with amazing slopes for skiers and small cozy village with beautiful nature. Car rent services will be ideal for such a trip.

If you are up to visiting Kyrgyzstan in winter, you are more than welcome to explore its sleeping beauty under the snow. Besides the regular ski bases and winter sports that they offer, in Kyrgyzstan there is a great chance to spend great holidays in underrated areas of the country. Come and enjoy Kyrgyzstan in winter!

Kyrgyzstan tours, Kyrgyzstan travel, Kyrgyzstan rent cars.

Kyrgyzstan tours, Kyrgyzstan travel, Kyrgyzstan rent cars.

Kyrgyzstan tours, Kyrgyzstan travel, Kyrgyzstan rent cars.

Kyrgyzstan tours, Kyrgyzstan travel, Kyrgyzstan rent cars.


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