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My name is Cholpon. I grew up in a small town of Naryn in the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. From the early ages my passion was to travel and discover new places. I enjoyed showing around to my friends and teachers who came from abroad to teach English. Further I entered the University to study linguistics but to connect my life with tourism it was not enough. Therefore I went through special courses of guiding by local mentors in Bishkek who run tourist agencies. This is how I got involved into this world of adventures and new experiences.
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Pottery in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of great artisans and works of different craftsmen were glorified in the whole region of Central Asia. Pottery is one of them. There are many ceramic production centers and schools in Uzbekistan. The main of them are Rishtan, Gijduvan, Khiva, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, and Khorezm. Each of these schools has their own styles and leaves their signature features distinguished in decoration and colors.

There are special workshops in Samarkand which I couldn’t visit due to the lack of time. But I was lucky to notice in one of the souvenir’s shop a craftsman at work. It was near the famous Mausoleum of Daniyar Hoja in Samarkand. Briefly about this site, according to legends, it was the place where the ashes of Daniyar, biblical prophet were buried by the great conqueror Tamerlan. So after excursion I was strolling along the boutiques with souvenirs and. In one them, through the glass partition I saw the master carefully shaping the ceramic on the potter’s wheel. I immediately asked a permission to have a look. The master gently explained the process of making ceramics and even allowed to try it. Believe me, it is not as easy as it looks like from the first time. My first piece of clay was ugly; you have to have a very careful hand ownership because every slight movement of fingers reflects in the pot. And I was doing the simplest one!

It was very nice to have such a person, you can tell that his craft has made his personality. The occupation has a very good therapeutic effect and the craftsman seemed to me very patient and calm.

If you have some time during your tour in Samarkand, I recommend you to learn about pottery in any place where you have a chance.  


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