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My name is Alvina. I was born and grew up in the capital city of sunny Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. My first experience in tourism sphere begun in 2010 when I successfully finished courses of guide-interpreter and I started my adventure discovering the many beauties of my motherland at the heart of Central Asia.

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Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan tours

Tour 1: Marble city Tour
Duration: 4 days
In short: Ashgabat – Darwaza – Kunya Urgench – Ashgabat
For more details, please follow the link

Turkmenistan tours Marble city Tour

Tour 2: Clay site Tour
Duration: 6 days
In short: Ashgabat – Darwaza – Mary – Gonurdepe – Ashgabat
For more details, please follow the link

Turkmenistan tours Clay site Tour

Tour 3: Fire fortresses Tour
Duration: 8 days
In short: Ashgabat – Kow Ata – Nokhur – Balkanabat – Yangikala – Gozli Ata – Turkmenbashi – Ashgabat – Darwaza – Mary – Ashgabat
For more details, please follow the link

Turkmenistan Tours Fire fortresses Tour

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Welcome in Turkmenistan! This is mysterious country of white landscape. Being there you will be inspired by respected people. I am here to share some interesting information about this country! Also I can make special tour as well as car rent with a driver. I have no doubt you will be impressed! 

If you want to travel to Turkmenistan, you can do this in March-April or October-November, since the summer is unbearably hot here. Cultural events are not often held in the country, and perhaps one of the main events is the Navruz holiday, which is celebrated on March 21. In addition, you can take combined tours throughout Central Asia, since without this country the overall picture of the region’s culture would be incomplete. So this is a wonderful idea to be ready for new adventures! 

Travelers who appreciate the history of bygone days can visit the palaces of the Timurids and Khorezmshah dynasties, madrassas and mosques, once known throughout the Islamic world, rich libraries and observatories ahead of their time. There are many ancient monuments of the history of mankind, such as the ruins of the capital of the Parthian kingdom of Nyssa and the remains of the 11th-century ancient settlement Amul-Chardzhuy near Turkmenabad. It will be great visiting them! 

I recommend to visit the capital Ashgabat during the tour. This is a white-marble city that recurrently seemed on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. In its locality, you will find the ruins of the ancient cities of Kunya-Urgench, Merv and Nisa, and in Ashgabat you can get acquainted with the history of modern Turkmenistan: see the numerous monuments devoted to the late leader of the nation Turkmenbashi, esteem the Asian longing for the building of enormous royal architectural structures and understand what is the personality cult in Turkmen and other interesting places. 

You will be surprised by the original traditions and customs of Turkmenistan. The lifestyle and mentality of Turkmens is fundamentally different from the Western one and carries the philosophy of centuries-old oriental wisdom. For example, the Nokhur region, located in the inaccessible terrain of the Kopetdag mountains and retaining its originality, is one of the most striking tourist spots in Turkmenistan. Even a brief acquaintance with his culture and life is a unique experience that is imprinted in the memory of any traveler. It definitely must be seen in a tour! 

On the way you can enjoy by such kind of ancient treasures as Nisa, Merv, Kunya Urgench, Darwaza, Yangi-Qala and Kow-Ata lake. All of them belong to national heritage of Turkmenistan! Anytime you can rent a car and drive along these incredible places and awesome photos! 

You can always write me and I will organize incredible tours for you as well as develop itinerary, food, accommodation and other service. Your happiness is my priority! Have a nice time!


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