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Sultan Tour

Kazakhstan tours Sultan Tour

Tour 3: Sultan Tour
Duration: 9 days
In short: Nur-Sultan – Borovoe – Almaty – Issyk – Tamgaly Tas  – Altyn Emel – Kolsai – Kaindy – Charyn – Almaty

Day 1: Nur-Sultan
Welcome to travel in Kazakhstan! Today you will have a city tour from the airport. You will be picked up from the hotel at 10:00. The tour will start visiting historical center of the city and modern parts. Visit the Constitution Square where the president of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev announced the decision of changing the capital of the country from Almaty to Astana, later became Nur-Sultan. You will have the opportunity to continue your route to one of the most beautiful buildings in the city's architecture as Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan* with the Golden man. We have no doubt you will like it in tours in Kyrgyzstan!  After that we will visit the largest and unique shopping center Khan Shatyr. Get to the top of the Astana-Baiterek monument by elevator and enjoy magnificent view of panorama! You will have the break where you can have lunch in best cafes or restaurants. Later on your guide will help you to cross Ishym river and get to the Kazakh Eli Square. Visit the famous Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, and find the beauty of Khazret Sultan mosque. Next destination is National Museum of History of Kazakhstan*. Being there you will learn more about its history and the development of Nur-Sultan. Travelling with our team you will see the unique city of ever light streets and enjoy modern Kazakhstan. Afterwards you will transfer to a hotel around 17:00.

*Note: Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Museum of History of Kazakhstan don’t work on Mondays. You can visit another attractions according to your request.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 2: Nur-Sultan – Borovoe – Nur-Sultan
The tour will start by visiting to Burabai National park (Borovoe). It occupies 85000 hectares of northeastern part of Kokshetau elevation. Coming there you will find 14 lakes in the park with area of more than 1 sq.km as well as small lakes which will not leave you indifferent in tours. You will not find monuments of material heritage in Borovoe. The beauty of the nature will inspire by celestial mountains, panorama views, blue mirror lakes, woods and others. On the route you can visit the resort area which is in 270 km from Nur-Sultan. The guide will provide you by necessary information about it. Visit the Khan’s pass and see Burabay and Zheke-Batyr mountains. Being on Abylaykhan Valley you will get inspiration of Ush-kyz, Ok-Zhetpes rocks and Kokshetau mountain. You will learn more about Kazakh culture! Having a break for lunch and 30-minute free time you can take a short walk around the wood. Moving on you will have the opportunity to have hiking trip on Bolektau mountain. Getting on the top you will enjoy the view of the Borovoe lake and amazing Zhumbaktas rock. In Borovoe you will see the unique view of the Kazakhstan steppe. Travellers will be attracted by hidden secrets and riddle in their tour in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 3: Nur-Sultan – morning flight Almaty
Having a hearty breakfast, you will check out till 12:00 and have morning flight Almaty city. On arrival in Almaty city you will have the city tour where you can learn more about its history and development. There are many attractions will amaze you! Visit the famous Green Bazaar and shopping! You will have the chance to bargain and find anything you want! This place is noisy and crowded but worth travelling here and visit! After that we will visit one of the oldest Almaty parks - Panfilov Park. Being there you will see one of the most beautiful wooden buildings in the world - Zenkov Cathedral. We have no doubt you will like it! Visit the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame which are dedicated to the memory of the fighters who died for freedom and independence of the country. Layer, we will move to the Medeo Gorge and enjoy skating rink. The nature of surrounding mountains will not leave anyone indifferent! Visit the Kok-Tobe hill and find the tallest TV tower in the world! You will enjoy the wonderful mountain road. There are many parks and panorama views! In addition you can find small shops and buy souvenirs.  In Kok-Tobe Park you can stroll along the winding paths of the park, admire the magnificent panorama of the city from the special observation deck and visit the shop of national souvenirs. The tour will end by riding from the top of the hill to the center of the city by the famous Almaty cableway. Afterwards you will be transferred to hotel.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 4: Almaty – Issyk – Almaty
Today you will visit one of the most beautiful gorges of Trans-Ili Alatau - Issyk Gorge. It is situated along the Kuldja tract. Many traders used to cross this road. On tour you will be told about nature and history of this region and see the burial mounds of Saka period. It is known that the famous "Golden Man" was found which later the state symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan became. Visit the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “ISSYK” and find ancient attributes of the Saka period as well as a copy of Golden Man. There are golden items, ancient ceramics, weapon, elements of horse equipment and the model of Saka burial mound are placed. You will pass to an altitude of 1756 meters above sea level and see wonderful mountain lake Issyk. It is important to note that this lake was formed about 10,000 years ago due to massive landslide happened in construction of the natural dam of 300 meters in height. Being on the lake you can enjoy the majestic beauty of blue water surface and the Issyk Gorge. There are stories of the natural disaster happened in 1963. After that you will make a picnic and enjoy on fresh air. Then drive to hotel.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 5: Almaty – Tamgaly Tas – Altyn Emel
You will leave Almaty at 08:00 and drive to the Tamgaly Tas which is located on the Ili River. On arrival to Tamgaly Tas you will see the wonderful beauty of monument. There are images of Buddha’s and texts in Tibetan, Kalmyk and other languages con rocks belonging to prayers. There are a lot of legends about this mystery place for over 150 years. Being in Tamgaly Tas, your guide will inform you about some events and let you enjoy panoramic views. Walking on you will notice the set in the style of medieval Kazakhstan built for the filming “The Nomad” film. Afterwards we will transfer to the village of Baschi and have lunch at the hotel. Later we will visit the Altyn Emel National Park to the Singing Dune. Singing Dune has a height of 120 meters and a length of about 3 km. It is located in one of the corners of the Altyn-Emel National Park, it is a few kilometers from the Ili river and between the mountains of Big and Small Kalkan. You will find the hill of pure musical sand in windy weather. It sounds like the organ music and drum. Then you can see the top of the Dune and observe the grand panorama. It is important to note that the Ili River is well visible in the south as stunning mountains of Sogety and Boguty which look the white peaks of the Ketmen ridge. Moving on you will see the steep slope of the Big Kalkan as well as the Small Kalkan – from the east. In the north you will see violet-blue ridge of Djungarian Alatau mountains, Chulak mountain, Matai and Altyn-Emel are visible. You may listen how sand sings due to wind.  We are sure you will like it in the tour. You will take dinner and spend the night in hotel.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 6: Altyn Emel – Saty – Kaindy
Today you will arrive to Kolsai Lakes at about 12:00. After lunch you will travel to Kaindy Lake. Enjoy sightseeing. Talking about Kaindy Lake (birch lake) it is situated among wonderful pine forest at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. It is important to note that this lake was formed in 1911 due to the earthquake and landslide. If you touch water you will find it cold. There are a lot of trees and flowers surrounding the surface of water. Don’t miss to take photos of the unique landscape! These beauty must be seen by own eyes. After pleasant day you will transfer to Saty, have dinner and spend the night in guest house.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 7: Saty – Kolsai Lakes
Early in the morning - 07:00, you will have breakfast. Then you will have trekking trip from the lake Kolsai-1 to the lake Kolsai-2. We are sure you will like it in your travels. Lunch.  Talking about Kolsai Lakes or "Pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan", it includes three lakes. So you will have the opportunity to see the largest lake. There are green meadows and mushroom. If you want horse riding, try it! You will like to ride among green valleys. You will find the highest lake is small which is located on the border of fir-wood and the alpine meadows. It is known that Kazakh nature is famous for its rich flora and fauna. In general, vertical drop between the three lakes is about 700 meters and can be reached by car. For seeing the second and the third lake you have to walk for few km. Travellers will have the chance to spend holidays among green forests full of berries, mushrooms and fishing. In addition its waters are cold and considered to be home for the rainbow trout (fish) which appear only in spring water. See Marals, mountain goats, wolves and even bears being in mountains. Afterwards you will return to guest house, dinner and sleep.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 8: Saty – Charyn Canyon – Almaty
Having a hearty breakfast you will departure to Almaty at 09:00am. Visit Charyn Canyon and enjoy natural park of Kazakhstan. It is important to note that this park appeared during Paleogene and recaps the Grand Canyon of Colorado River in North America due to its size. The height of the steep slopes of the canyon is about 150-300 meters. There are shapes will not leave anyone indifferent in tours. You will see that wind and water made a great "Valley of Castles" surrounded by rocks. The length of the valley is more than 2 km, width is about 20-80 meters. This beauty has developed from a long time and made Kazakh beauty more attractive. You will have the opportunity to see castles, rocks, gorges and amaze by landscape. Afterwards you will return to Almaty at 19:00.

Kazakhstan tours

Day 9: Flight
Breakfast in the hotel. Check – out till 12:00. Airport transfer. Departure.


Price per person:
02 pax – 1 645 $
04 pax – 1 050 $
06 pax – 810 $
08 pax – 680 $
10 pax – 610 $
Single – 170 $

Early check-in – 40 $
Single early check-in – 65 $ 

Half board – 160 $
Full board – 255 $ 

English speaking guide – 905 $ per group 


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
            Almaty – “Kazakhstan” Hotel 3*
            Nur-Sultan – “Come Inn” Hotel 3*
            Saty – Homestay
            Altyn Emel – Guesthouse
- Museum admissions 
- Mineral water supply            

Service does not include:
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
- English speaking guide

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