One of the transport services is air transportation. You can buy a plane ticket and go on a travel to Kyrgyzstan. Most tourists land in one of the country's two international airports, which are located in two different cities of the country. The first airport is Manas, and the second is Osh. Manas airport is located 40 minutes from Bishkek city, and the second airport is located 9 km from Osh city. To get to the city, tourists can use our Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service during the travel tour.

If you have chosen the travel tour that does not include a transfer from the airport to the city, then you can take a taxi. You can either choose a taxi at Manas airport with a fixed price, or find private taxi drivers in the airport lobby. The price of a taxi in Bishkek is about $ 9-11, while in Osh it can be about $ 7.

And if you travel around Kyrgyzstan by our tour with rent cars service, then the driver of our company will meet you in the airport lobby. There are direct flights from / to Moscow, Almaty and Astana, Delhi, Dubai, Dushanbe, Istanbul, Tashkent, Urumqi, Ulan Bator. A short flight schedule from our managers:

Almaty – Bishkek
Air Astana, Mon, 10:15-11:10
Air Astana, Wed, 10:30-11:25
Air Astana, every day, 18:20-19:15 

Astana – Bishkek
Air Astana, Mon, Fri, 08:05-09:55
Air Astana, Sat, 14:45-16:40 

Delhi – Bishkek
Aviatraffic, Thu, Sun, 09:50-12:50 

Dubai – Bishkek
Fly Dubai, every day, 22:40-04:40+1 

Dushanbe – Bishkek
Aviatraffic, Sun, 21:45-23:55 

Moscow – Bishkek
Aeroflot, every day, 08:40-15:55
Aeroflot, every day, 21:25-04:50+1
Aviatraffic, Sun, 11:25-18:25
Aviatraffic, Mon, Wed, Fri, 20:30-03:30+1
Ural Airlines, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, 20:25-03:35+1
Ural Airlines, Thu, Sun, 09:00-16:00 

Istanbul – Bishkek
Turkish Airlines, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, 22:05-06:35+1
Turkish Airlines, Mon, Wed, Fri, 14:00-22:10+1
Turkish Airlines, Tue, Thu, Sat, 18:35-02:45
Pegasus, every day, 21:35-05:40+1
Aviatraffic, Mon, 06:15-13:55
Aviatraffic, Fri, 03:40-11:20 

Tashkent – Bishkek
Uzbekistan Airways, Mon, 16:25-18:40
Uzbekistan Airways, Thu, 07:00-09:15
Uzbekistan Airways, Sun, 07:50-10:05 

Urumqui – Bishkek
China Southern Airlines, every day, 08:45-09:05 

Ulaanbaatar – Bishkek
Turkish Airlines, Tue, Thu, Sat, 06:00-08:30 

During the travel tour of Kyrgyzstan, tourists, if necessary, can find tickets from Osh to Bishkek or vice versa, they can find a ticket for a flight daily. However, be sure to check the information carefully before booking your ticket as changes may occur. Our managers can help you with any of your questions.

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