Traditional clothes

Our company decided to pay special attention to traditional clothes and tell about them in this article to those wishing to travel around Kyrgyzstan and rent a car. And so just be ready to take a tour with Bishkek car rent service in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy your rest while learning about the country in addition to traditional clothes. Today, any tourist can take the tour, rent a car, travel through the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and join the customs and traditions, including in terms of traditional clothing.

It is clear that travelers want to know more about the country where they will have the tour with Bishkek car rent service. Therefore, let's start talking about the traditional clothes in Kyrgyzstan. And as a rule, clothes reflect national specifics well and for about 700 years it has been and remains unique. In our modern days, travelers are unlikely to be able to see Kyrgyz dressed in traditional clothes. However, traditional clothes in Kyrgyzstan can be seen during the holidays or in museums. Clothes also perform an important function in our case, clothes of the nomads had to be comfortable at a height among the winds.

Bishkek car rent service allows travelers to visit museums here during the tour and see the traditional clothes of Kyrgyzstan. Studying the traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people, one can understand that the men were wearing trousers "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar", as well as a warm coat "Ichik". This coat was made from wolf, fox, lynx fur. Women also wore this kind of coat. As for footwear, men wore Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai hats. Kyrgyz women usually wore a beldemchi skirt and a chiptama jacket. It was customary to decorate the hats of girls with bird feathers, various traditional adornments, pearls and precious stones.


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