Territory of Kyrgyzstan

Territory of Kyrgyzstan is excessive for tours. Relish being in the country and take Kyrgyzstan car rent. It good to be knowledgeable about the straightforward things before to start the tour. We are satisfied to present our travelers the tours in the Central Asian country as Kyrgyzstan and help to rent a car.

Kyrgyzstan car rent service shows surprising holidays in the country with the area of 198,500 km2. It is the smallest land of Central Asia, enclosed by the other countries like China from the east, Kazakhstan from the north, Uzbekistan  from the west and Tajikistan from the south. It is worth impending and getting tours with car rent.

There are areas you will see in Chui province as Osh, Chuy, Talas, Naryn, Batken, Issyk Kul, Jalal Abad. Travel to any area with guides and drivers on the tours as well as car rent service in Kyrgyzstan.


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Center of Kyrgyzstan
Lenin top as an important height of the country
Sleets of ice


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