In this article, we decided to highlight the main points of the country's cuisine, and here they are: On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, our customers have a great opportunity to explore many attractions, beautiful and excellent places, and wonderful cuisine that is based on the traditions of the nomadic people. You have a chance to enjoy the cuisine that has been built on the customs of such peoples as Russians, Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Turks and Persians for many years. There are also many restaurants and cafes in Kyrgyzstan that you can visit with a rented car on tours around Kyrgyzstan.

Bread is held in high esteem by the Kyrgyz people and they respect it. It is of great importance. It is customary for Kyrgyz people to tear bread with their hands, not to cut it. And most importantly, it is placed upside down and not vice versa. Flatbread is a well-known type of bread that is baked in a tandoor, and baursaks are small pieces of bread that are cooked in butter. For the Kyrgyz, bread is prosperity.

This is a very famous dish among the nomadic people, and is called beshbarmak, which appeared in ancient times. Tourists of our company will be able to enjoy a delicious dish that is usually eaten by hand. Before use, usually wash your hands and say the words of blessing. Usually, when Kyrgyz people eat beshbarmak, they eat it at the same table and discuss various topics. And this dish is prepared with onions and dough.

In Kyrgyzstan, people with great pleasure eat delicacies, chuchuk is a set of various meat products that are prepared for the holidays. You will be able to explore that usually the preparation of chuchuk requires such products as paprika, black pepper, kazy karta (ribs), ulcers, salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, cumin and bay leaf. Also use marinade meat.

Another famous dish among the Kyrgyz is kuurdak, which is prepared from fried beef, or lamb, with onions or potatoes. You will be able to taste delicious food that was the food of nomadic tribes, and it is usually prepared on metal. Due to the fact that the food is prepared on the stones, it acquires a unique taste.

Shorpo is one of the most unique dishes in Central Asia, which is a sum of meat and potatoes. It is usually prepared in the East. And usually on tours in Kyrgyzstan, customers like to eat this soup, and if you add red pepper to it, the taste becomes more unique. And so it begins to acquire its own unique taste.

Plov is prepared in many countries of the world. This is a popular Central Asian dish. It is usually prepared for many events such as weddings, child births, or funerals. As well as hostesses prepare this dish for special events or visiting guests. You can rent a car on tours around Kyrgyzstan and enjoy delicious meals.

You can rent a car on tours around Kyrgyzstan, enjoy a delicious dish like a male, which is usually prepared with meat, potatoes, onions and other ingredients. The meat can be either beef or chicken. Usually samsa is baked in a tandoor, or even on special stones, which makes the taste more piquant.

In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, our customers will be able to enjoy a delicious dish like manty, which is a traditional food of the Kyrgyz people. This dish is served in a large bowl and is usually eaten by hand. And people impose themselves the desired amount. And so you can explore that many manta rays are made from dough and meat, which are prepared in a special dish, and steamed.

The traditional Kyrgyz dish is lagman, which is made by the peoples of Central Asia. It is usually made from noodles, vegetables, and meat. You will be able to explore that the noodles are also sold and it can be prepared by yourself. In order to prepare this dish, you need to add a large amount of water so that it becomes like soup. It also adds other ingredients such as pepper, eggplant, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, and so on.

Ashlyam – Fu
Ashlyam fu is a delicious dish that is the best in Karakol. Our company offers you to rent a car on tours in Kyrgyzstan where you can taste delicious traditional dishes of Kyrgyzstan. This dish is usually served in the summer when it is hot. And the main dishes of this dish are noodles, sauce, vegetables and starch. The dish itself comes from the Dungans who are of Chinese Muslim origin.

Shasglyk is a kebab that is cooked on fire. This dish you have a chance to order and try during the tours in the restaurants. The name itself goes far back to the Turkic culture. Our customers of the company will be able to enjoy delicious food on tours with different types of sauce, as well as the amount of vegetables.

Dymlyama is a delicious dish that is made mainly from vegetables and meat. It has its own lazy way of cooking, when all the ingredients are mixed. Usually, mutton, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on are put there without mixing.

A dish of eastern origin is ganfan, which people often compare to lagman. In our tours, you can try a delicious dish with vegetables, noodles, spices, but with less water. Also, as a side dish, it includes rice. Customers of the company will be able to explore that the dish is beautifully presented and is a decoration of any table.

Borsch is of Russian Slavic origin. Due to the fact that Kyrgyzstan has good relations with Russia, this dish is very famous in our country. Kyrgyz families also prepare this dish. And you can also come on tours around Kyrgyzstan and order this delicious dish. The dish itself contains such products as vegetables, beef, and the most remarkable thing is that it has a red taste because of the beetroot.

Kyrgyzstan is a multinational country where different customs and traditions overlap. That is why there are many different cuisines in Kyrgyzstan. For example, the cutlet came from French cuisine, and is made in most cases from the ribs of meat. Meat can use different animals like turkey, chicken, beef. Ingredients such as onions and potatoes are also added here.

Kurut is a delicious snack, which is a domestic product. During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that this snack is made from milk. Kurut itself is similar to a ball, it can be salty, sour or sweet, even spicy. Cool can decorate any table. Locals love this snack and many tourists also like it.

The Central Asian soup that everyone likes is mampar, which is made from boiled dough with onions and potatoes. Sometimes onions are also added. This dish is unique and very tasty, and is perfect for any table.

The Kyrgyz people got a lot of influence from the Slavic people, and the pelmeni are very popular with the Kyrgyz people. This is a boiled food, the meat is usually wrapped in dough and then boiled in salt water. Usually this dish is served with mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream.


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