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My name is Yuliya. I live in Kyrgyzstan. I have been working in tourism area more than 8 years. I really love my Motherland and I will be happy to organize your trip to my country. We have fascinating mountains, magnificent lakes and many other beautiful places.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places where you can find perfect routes for off road driving! So it will be my pleasure to be your helper and make your time – valuable!  

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Hello! Dear guests,
Today we will talk about things that you can do in Kyrgyzstan during your travel. Kyrgyzstan is a country of high mountains, deep lakes, raging rivers as well as music culture.
- Rafting
Here you can easily try your hand at rafting. Rafting is an alloy (mainly by a group) along a rough river in an inflatable boat (raft).
You can find the most suitable level for yourself. For example, if you are a beginner you can experience new sensations on the Chu River in the Boom Gorge. But do not worry those who are experienced enough in this matter since there are many rivers in Kyrgyzstan; you can easily pick up the threshold for your strength so as not hurt yourself.
Cost is~ 200 $ (1-7 pax), ~ 280 $ (8-10 pax)
- Boat cruise
If you are not a fan of extreme sports, then you can go boating on Lake Issyk Kul. Enjoy the smoothness of incredible beauty; immerse yourself in the tranquility that this lake brings under the rays of the sun, warming your souls.
Cost is ~ 80 $ (1-20 pax), ~ 210 $ (20-60 pax)
- Folklore show
If cultural entertainment is more suitable for you, then a folklore show is what you need. You can listen to the playing of folk instruments. Even in ancient times, the Kyrgyz were famous for their music. Not even one event of the nomads did not pass without playing the instruments. Therefore, the Kyrgyz can demonstrate not only a great play but also their folk instruments. The most famous among them is the three-stringed plucked musical instrument - Komuz. It can be played by both men and women. Kyrgyz folklore is a fusion of fairy tales, myths, proverbs and morals.
Cost is ~ 90 $ in Bishkek, ~ 75 $ per group in Kochkor
- Eagle hunting
If you always wanted to see how nomads used to hunt, then the eagle hunting show is what you need.
The nomads were always held in high esteem by those who knew how to hunt and could hunt. The ways of hunting the consequences gave rise to both tradition and custom, and games. Those who hunt with eagles are called berkutchi. They were one of the most respected people in the tribes, as they were able to provide enough wool and skin, meat. And their skills were transmitted only from generation to generation.
At this event, you can not only see how the eagles are trained, but also touch a real predator. This show will not leave you indifferent.
Cost is ~ 80 $ (in Bokonbaev village), 120 $ per group in Ala Archa gorge
- Traditional horse games
Speaking of nomads, it immediately comes to mind that they are incredible riders. It is only natural that the Kyrgyz have national games to demonstrate riding skills. You can see games such as:
Kok-boru – is a folk game. According to the rules, riders fight for the carcass of a goat. It is necessary not only to capture the trophy and hold it, but also to throw the opposing team into the tai-kazan (goal). In ancient times, instead of the carcass of a goat, a living wolf was used. And boru means wolf.
Kyz kumai means catch a girl. Previously, the game was a way of engagement among nomadic peoples. The game must be attended by a guy and a girl. According to the rules, the girl gets the best horse and rides earlier. The guy should catch up with her and kiss, if he can’t do it, the girl can beat him with a kamcha (whip).
Oodarysh is horse game that widespread in Central Asia. This is a game of strength, flexibility and endurance. The task of the players is to throw their opponent away from the horse or to topple not only the player, but also the horse with him.
Cost is ~ 220 $ per group
- Felt show
Since ancient times, nomadic people used felt in everyday life. And the art of creating various products from felt has been preserved throughout Kyrgyzstan. And each area has its own manufacturing techniques, the masters of which are ready to share their knowledge and skills with you. You can enjoy this lesson and see how amazing patterns can be created using felting felt.
Felt workshop ~ 20-30 $ in Kochkor, 100 $ in Bishkek
- Yurt setting workshop
In addition, you can also see and take part in the assembling the yurt. Yurt is one of the most important parts of Kyrgyz culture. There are yurts of different sizes and usually use small yurts at festivals and master classes. They can be easily assemble and easily disassemble not only by adults, but also by children.
A yurt consists of many details, each of which has its own name. We give only the main ones:

  • sliding walls of the yurt - kerege;
  • dome poles - uuk;
  • a wooden round rim, a support for the roof of a yurt - a tunduk;
  • the poles mounted above the door, the eshik uuk (3-4 of them), are shorter than the others, since one end was fixed on the upper crossbar of the door frame (barefoot bash) located above the walls of the yurt;
  • pole with a fork (bakan). These poles support the cover of the smoke circle protecting the hearth from heavy rain and snow;
  • felt for covering - tuurduk.

You will also learn about the symbolism of yurts in the life of a nomad. The process lasts 1-1, 5 h
Yurt setting workshop ~ 75-90 $ (depends on number of people in the group)

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