Let me introduce myself. My name is Gulzina. My city is Bishkek. I grew up and studied in this city.
I have many interesting hobbies, for example, dancing traditional folk dances, walking around, taking pictures and decorating clothes. These are my main hobbies to which I pay maximum attention.
But if I'm interested in something new, then I will definitely try it myself. 


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mobile: +996554050594

Feedback, Gulzina

Susan Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

During April & May 2018 I ran a 34-day tour through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan. All the ground operations & guiding was arranged through Gulzina. Throughout the 12 months of planning & preparation for our tour she was superb. She maintained prompt & clear communications & supplied ready answers to my multitude of questions.

Our itinerary was complex & involved 5 border crossings on land. Gulzina facilitated these arrangements flawlessly. Each Customs & Immigration crossing went smoothly & without delays. Each time we entered another country we were met by a new tour guide & drivers. Each guide was outstanding. All were extremely well versed in the history, culture & geography of their country. In addition, they all related to our tour group in a first-class way. They instinctively understood the interests & character of our group & were able to converse in an easy & pleasing manner. Our tour group was delighted with each guide.

Asaf Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

We really liked this tour, everything was so cool. Well organized and well thought out route. All questions were answered, it was very interesting to listen as everything was told in an expressive way. It became one of the best moments of our tour. Most of all I liked the hospitable people, they were always happy to see new faces. I enjoyed every moment here and took a lot of photos. It was very interesting to see something new for us and with you it was an amazing experience.  It is worth having a tour in this country! 

Anton Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I am very glad that I chose Gulzina. She is a very good and attentive guide, I really liked the time in Kyrgyzstan. The best guide of all who guided us on tours: interesting and insanely informative stories about history and its people, the legends of Kyrgyzstan.

Bekhzod Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I would like to say thanks to Gulzina! She was perfect in everything! Accommodation as well as food was great! She guided me around Kyrgyzstan and left only positive feelings! I travelled all amazing places especially Issyk Kul Lake and Son Kul Lake! I will come here again…

Guli Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Me and my friends decided to travel in Central Asia and visited Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We really liked our guide Gulzina. We visited the most amazing highlights and were very happy. I hope to travel here again and get more experience.

Harylullo Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Hello! I want to share my experience in Kyrgyzstan. I always wanted to visit it and finally I did! It was amazing. Kyrgyzstan is really perfect country of mountains and nature just unique! I bet you don’t see such kind of landscape anywhere else. This is was one of my best experiences in travels.

Mehri Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Travelling in Uzbekistan was great. I saw many ancient attractions and was high! I also enjoyed traveling in Kyrgyzstan. I had wonderful time with my family. Make travels and get fun!

Niko Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I have got the best guide ever. Her name is Gulzina. She showed me all special places in Kyrgyzstan I have ever seen. Mountains.. oohhhhhh breathtaking. Thank you very much for the tour. She is not just beautiful but veryyyyyyy smart and intelligent!

Sirojiddin Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Thank you for memorable tour. I am so happy to see almost all Asia. I chose Tajikistan and it was on point. I really liked food and of course nature! It is one of my successful tours. Next time to see you again.

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