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My name is Cholpon. I grew up in a small town of Naryn in the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. From the early ages my passion was to travel and discover new places. I enjoyed showing around to my friends and teachers who came from abroad to teach English. Further I entered the University to study linguistics but to connect my life with tourism it was not enough. Therefore I went through special courses of guiding by local mentors in Bishkek who run tourist agencies. This is how I got involved into this world of adventures and new experiences.
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Blue Lagoon Tour

Tour 1: Blue Lagoon Tour
Duration: 5 days
In short: Almaty − Kaindy Lake − Charyn − Issyk − Almaty

Day 1: Almaty
Guide will meet and transfer you to Almaty. City tour starts from Green Bazaar where you won’t stop yourself from bargain. Then you will visit Panfilov Park that considered to be one of the oldest park in Almaty. There is located Zenkov Cathedral, one of the most amazing wooden building in the world. Your next destination is the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame erected in honor of the people who died for freedom and independence of the country. After learning about sport, cultural and business areas of the city you will be transferred to Medeo Gorge, famous for its highest mountain skating rink in the world and the dam. Then we will visit Kok-Tobe hill where the tallest TV tower locates. You will see a picturesque winding mountain road when you arrive on a hill. You can wander along the winding paths there and enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view of the city from special desk for observing. Also you can visit shop of national souvenirs. The tour ends with the short ride to the center of the city by the famous Almaty cableway. Night is in a hotel.

Day 2: Almaty – Kaindy Lake
Today’s destination is Kaindy Lake or Birch Lake. This lake is located admits wonderful pine forest on the elevation of 2000 meters above sea level and is well known for its origin. It appeared in 1911 after powerful earthquake that triggered the landslide blocked the alley by the natural dam, and the water has flooded the valley. Due to the cold water the needles of the flooded trees are well conserved and clearly visible through the transparent surface of the water and the dry stems of the spruce go to the surface of the water, like the mast of an underwater squadron. It is hard to explain by words all this mysterious beauty of this lake. You need to see it by yourself. Transfer to Saty settlement Dinner and night is in a guest house.

Day 3: Kaindy – Charyn – Almaty
When you come to Caryn Canyon it will be impossible refrain yourself for not to admire this majestic panorama, get down to the deep end and wander there 2 km of Castles Valley with bizarre walls hanging over you. At the deep end of the Canyon you will find yourself in a cool oasis, on the banks of the icy cold river Charyn, where there is also an eco-park with several yurts and a small open air cafe working in the summer. After some break we will go back with the same path to the stairs. From that place you will be transferred to another observation point for amazing panorama view. Overnight is in a hotel.

Day 4: Almaty – Issyk – Almaty
You are going to visit one of the most wonderful gorges - Issyk Gorge. This gorge is located in Trans-Ili Alatau along the Kuldja tract where previously caravans travelled. While driving to Issyk Gorge you will visit State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “ISSYK”. There are expositions dedicated to the history and culture of the Sakas period, including a copy of Golden Man and golden items, ancient ceramics, weapon, elements of horse equipment, as well as the model of Sakas burial mound. After it we will continue our tour to the breathtaking alpine lake Issyk. It is located on the altitude 1 756 meters above sea level in the Issyk valley. This Lake appeared about 10,000 years ago because of colossal landslide, resulted in formation of the natural dam of 300 meters in height. On the lake you can enjoy the incredible beauty of its turquoise surface and the Issyk Gorge, as well as learn more about the natural disaster of 1963. There you will have a picnic and free time for outdoor recreation. Going back to the hotel.

Day 5: Flight
Transfer to the airport

Price per person 3*:
02 pax – 1 005 $
04 pax – 715 $
06 pax – 540 $
08 pax – 445 $
10 pax – 410 $
Single – 450 $ (Kazakhstan hotel, 3 nights)

Accommodation in the guest house, Saty settlement – 30 $ (1 night) 

Early check-in – 30 $
Single early check-in – 50 $ 

Half board – 75 $
Full board – 105 $ 

Price per person 4*:
02 pax – 1 065 $
04 pax – 775 $
06 pax – 600 $
08 pax – 505 $
10 pax – 470 $
Single – 80 $ (Kazzhol hotel, 3 nights)

Accommodation in the guest house, Saty settlement – 30 $ (1 night) 

Early check-in – 45 $
Single early check-in – 75 $ 


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Almaty – “Kazakhstan” Hotel 3* / “Kazzhol” Hotel 4*
      Saty – Homestays
- English speaking guide
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour            

Service does not include:
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support

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