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My name is Alvina. I was born and grew up in the capital city of sunny Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. My first experience in tourism sphere begun in 2010 when I successfully finished courses of guide-interpreter and I started my adventure discovering the many beauties of my motherland at the heart of Central Asia.

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Tajikistan tours

Tajikistan tours

Tour 1: Fortress Tour
Duration: 5 days
In short: Dushanbe – Hissor – Iskanderkul Lake – Penjakent – Dushanbe
For more details, please follow the link

Tajikistan Tours Fortress tour

Tour 2: 7 lakes Tour
Duration: 7 days
In short: Dushanbe – Hissor – Iskanderkul Lake – Penjakent – Seven lakes – Khujand – Dushanbe
For more details, please follow the link

Tajikistan tours 7 Lakes tour

Tour 3: Along the Pamir tract
Duration: 9 days
In short: Dushanbe – Hissor – Kalai Khum – Khorog – Langar – Murgab – Khorog – Kalai Khum – Dushanbe
For more details, please follow the link

Tajikistan tours Along the Pamir tract

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Tajikistan is the roof of the world! So why not travel and learn more about this magical land? It beckons me here... 

Tajikistan is a country in which dreams come true! Here you can relax. You will be shocked by the exotic of this country, especially the customs and traditions that have been preserved in secluded corners almost from ancient times. If you climb a little higher in the mountains you can come across small settlements. Small unique nationalities live here – the descendants of Alexander the Great, who once conquered this territory. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to touch the spirit of antiquity and ancient history here too. In Tajikistan, you will get unforgettable impressions of the stunning wildlife of this region. The Pamir, Tien Shan and Fan Mountains are the “resorts” of Tajikistan. These fabulous places are attractive for those who prefer an active vacation with an extreme flavor to boring wallowing on the beach. 

You will be fascinated by the snow caps of the mountains against the backdrop of a dazzling blue sky, green fertile valleys with blooming gardens, turbulent mountain rivers heaving boiling white foam, noisy in the narrow gorges of the mountains. You will get adrenaline in your travels! What canyons are here? Sharp, huge, impregnable. Rafting and mountaineering fans consider Tajikistan an ideal place for lovers of active and dynamic recreation. 

You are free to rent a car with a driver or without driver and explore such unforgettable nature. I will be your helper and make outstanding tours among beautiful landscape. 

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