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My name is Alvina. I was born and grew up in the capital city of sunny Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. My first experience in tourism sphere begun in 2010 when I successfully finished courses of guide-interpreter and I started my adventure discovering the many beauties of my motherland at the heart of Central Asia.

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Feedback, Alvina

Joe Feedback Kyrgyzstan Tours

I visited Kyrgyzstan. They have arranged a very good trip for us. We learnt how to make the yurts for everything is done by hand. We have learnt other techniques as such as making the “shyrdak”. We learnt how to make this. In another place we also learnt another traditional craft. So besides a beautiful country, learning everything, the skills and how everything is done by hand that really makes a rich travel experience. I think people would be most interested in seeing that old culture has not died. A place like Kazakhstan is so modern now, it is just like any other city in Asia when Kyrgyzstan still has the history and tradition, and of course, the beautiful landscape which is why the most people come for. So I do believe, anyone visiting this country will gain so much more from the wonderful people, how nice they are, friendly, and learning their ancient traditions that really are disappearing in the world. So I would highly recommend visiting this country.

Stef Feedback Kyrgyzstan Tours

Up to now I did four journeys with the support of Alvina through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Every time I got the same Lexus GX470 for self-drive that always did a great job. As I did my travels mainly through the Pamir Mountains where landscapes are very lonely I needed a very reliable car and the engine of the Lexus never failed. The adventurous tours through these wide landscapes gave me amazing impressions of nature and I enjoyed the very friendly and open-hearted hospitality of the people where I stayed. Alvina did a great job in delivering the car where I needed it and preparing it with all equipment I asked for. Planning the realization of my fully individualized routes with Alvina was very supportive and reliable in every detail. They found home stay accomodations farthest places in the Pamir mountains for me. I can fully recommend Alvina as an excellent and at all times reliable provider for travels in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Nargiza Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Alvina is a wonderful guide who knows her job for sure. But most of all I liked the fact that she did not bother me. Alvina always found a way out of any situation, adjusted to the tastes and interests of tourists, warned about all the nuances of the life of the Kyrgyz people. 

Oksana Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I was so surprised when I traveled to Kazakhstan. There are even singing fountains and such a beautiful Park of 1 President, and Big Almaty Lake is incredible. This country is really amazing. I am glad that I came here.

Ramina Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I would like to thank Alvina for a wonderful tour. She is the best guide I have ever had! I really enjoyed this tour. I should note her punctuality, friendliness, willingness to help, a sense of humor.

Sabina Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I am so happy to be close to the nature with the help of Alvina guide. She organized safe and very interesting tour to me. I have visited Ala Archa, Issyk Kul Lake, Son Kul Lake. Since I love horses I had horse riding in Chon Kemin gorge. It was inspiring.

Shahlo Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

Thanks to the best tour in Kyrgyzstan! I am on top of feelings! I have seen all lakes and rivers. Also this mountainous country was breathtaking! Yes, roads are somehow dirt, but nature on point! See you soon!

Shukur Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

We really liked the tour, it was a lot of fun. We took a lot of photos. We also learned a lot about Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. The guide also left the best impression, thanks to her the tour was very interesting and intense.

Tanya Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

I was very impressed with how you meet tourists, it was very funny. I did not think that they would meet me in traditional clothes. The whole tour was comfortable and relaxing.

Vladimir Feedback Kyrgyzstan tours

It was so cool to come here and find out how the nomadic peoples lived. I liked everything so much. This country is full of interesting and mysterious places that fascinated me. I liked everything - the weather, and very friendly people, and the wonderful city, and ancient sights.

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