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My name is Alvina. I was born and grew up in the capital city of sunny Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. My first experience in tourism sphere begun in 2010 when I successfully finished courses of guide-interpreter and I started my adventure discovering the many beauties of my motherland at the heart of Central Asia.

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Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants Kyrgyzstan

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Bishkek while you travel in Kyrgyzstan, then you should not worry at all, as there are cafes in this city everywhere. Depending on your preferences, you may find what you want to eat. Usually there are Kyrgyz traditional or common European dishes. You can find them in the following cafes:

An atmospheric cafe where you can enjoy things like:
- Monday - Argentine Tango
- Wednesday - jazz evening with the band "Saults Peanuts"
- Friday - Latin music rhythms with the Fandango band
- Saturday - live guitar sounds

Great service and just a nice atmosphere. Acceptable prices.

Cozy atmosphere and interesting design of the cafe. Delicious food and also here you can enjoy steak. The price is slightly high.

Here you can enjoy traditional and very tasty food. This place always overcrowded because local people like to eat there.  All food there is halal. This place is not café and prices here acceptable. 

This café has cozy atmosphere and attentive waiters and waitresses. Very good cuisine and many tourists go there. But it has high prices.

The local people like to go there because this cafe has delicious food and not very high prices. They like to relax here and the atmosphere is conducive to this.

The only restaurant fully specialized in the preparation of traditional Kyrgyz cuisine. If travel in Kyrgyz it would be good for you to try nomads’ food.

This cafe is a good choice for you. You can enjoy live music and the pleasant atmosphere of this place. Cafe has been working for 10 years.

Very famous place for its interesting design and is out of the city. You will eat food here in the yurt. Supara has many different yurts for it.  Supara has pretty big area and you can walk there to see many interesting things like Kyrgyz traditional swings. Here you can taase not only delicious traditional cuisine but also famous drinks of nomads.

Barashek and Tyubeteika have one owner. The concept of these cafes is same. You can compare it if you will visit both of them.
Information about prices, services and working time you can find in the followed links.
But you should know that pork dishes will be difficult to find. If you want to cook your own food, we have both regular supermarkets and 24-hour supermarkets. In supermarkets and in various institutions alcohol is sold from 18.
In terms of vegetarians, there are not many cafes and coffee houses in Bishkek where they can eat. Kyrgyz people like to eat meat. You can find some of vegetarian food here:

Very atmospheric and interesting place to relax in peace. The prices are reasonable, beautiful calm music.

Good place to rest for young tourists because young locals like to go there. This place can suggest you to smoke shisha.  But prices a bit high.

You can find here healthy desserts made of chocolate, fruits and others. All of them are gluten free, sugar free. You can stay there to eat or can take your order away.
Information about prices, services and working time you can find in the followed links.
But in other regions of Kyrgyzstan where you might travel it will be difficult to find vegetarian food. You should notify your travel agency or buy vegetables in the market.

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