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My name is Alvina. I was born and grew up in the capital city of sunny Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. My first experience in tourism sphere begun in 2010 when I successfully finished courses of guide-interpreter and I started my adventure discovering the many beauties of my motherland at the heart of Central Asia.

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Azerbaijan tours

Azerbaijan tours. 
Day 1: Baku
At Baku's airport, a wonderful cultural metropolis on the Caspian Sea, the guide will welcome you. After you arrive at the hotel, you will be able to relax. Following lunch, you'll go on an excursion to the highlights of ancient and contemporary Baku, which will include a walking tour of the city's core region, which will highlight the city's most important historical and architectural monuments. The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, one of the world's most spectacular and modern landmarks in recent years, will be our next stop. It was designed by Zaha Hadid, a well-known architect. Visitors are encouraged to attend temporary, typically historical events emphasizing Azerbaijani culture because of the building's distinctive lines and magnificent light play. This one-of-a-kind location will be remembered for a long time by those who appreciate modern architecture. The well-kept greenery of Aliyev's center, one of Baku's few distinctive and well-loved public spaces, gives a perspective of the metropolis around the perimeter. The night will be spent at a hotel.

Day 2: Baku
A guided tour of the "Old Town" will be given after breakfast at a hotel. Icheri Sheher is a historic residential district enclosed by castle walls in Baku's city center. Market Square, Juma Mosque, Synyk Gala Castle, Caravanserais, baths, Maiden Tower of the XII century, residential structures, and the Palace of Shirvan Shakhov of the XV century are among the historical features on the ancient city's site. In addition, you will visit Ali Shamsi's workshop. UNESCO has classified them, as well as hundreds of other ancient structures in the Old Town, as World Heritage Sites, and the organization is responsible for their upkeep. You will have some free time after lunch before going on a night walk around Baku. While enjoying the starry sky and tens of thousands of lights, you'll stroll through the city's old streets. Overnight at a hotel.
Day 3: Baku – Gobustan – Baku
We'll go to the Bibi-Heybat complex in the morning, which has the tombs and grave of Ukeima khanum, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as the graves of other respected figures. After that, we'll travel to the "Gobustan Rock Carving Reserve." There are around 6,000 rocks here that date back over 30,000 years. After Gobustan, we'll travel 10 kilometers off-road to reach the surface of Absheron's active volcanoes. We return to Baku after lunch and visit the world-famous Carpet Museum. Pottery, metal and bronze jewelry, 14th-century metal items, 17th-century carpets and rugs, gold and silver jewelry, national apparel and embroidery, and modern-era applied art objects are among the museum's more than 10,000 pieces. Night at a hotel.
Day 4: Baku – Lankaran (Girkansky reserve) – Baku
Visit the Hirkan Nature Reserve in the morning, which is included on UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It's a spectacular natural complex of relict subtropical forests in a rare transition zone between the wet and dry subtropics. Here you'll find boxwood, ironwood, velvet maple, giant figs, silk acacia, and a wide variety of vines. 1900 different varieties of plants have been gathered on the reserve's grounds, including 160 species that can only be found in the Talysh mountains. Many different forms of fauna can also be found here. The superb leopard, Caucasian lynx, stone marten, porcupine, Talysh spotted woodpecker, Iranian robin, Persian snake, and others are among them. We will return to Baku after lunch at a lovely restaurant with the folklore and dance group Nyanyalar (Grandmothers) (for an extra fee). The night will be spent at a hotel.
Day 5: Baku – Shemakha – Gabala – Sheki
After breakfast, we depart from Baku for Shamakha. The vertical wall of Sheikh Diri Baba's rock-cut tomb will be masterfully blended into our first stop in Maraza. The site's architecture has a complex symbolism of geometric patterns, and the place has become a spiritual mythology. Then we'll travel to Shamakhi, a city with a long history that has held several big events throughout the course of its two-thousand-year existence. The majestic and historically significant Juma Mosque will be visible there. Then it's on to Gabala, where the Albanian church in Nij, home of the Udins, can be seen. The Udins are one of the 26 Albanian tribes that founded the Albanian monarchy and are the forefathers of current Azerbaijanis (III century BC - VII century AD). We go to the Aspi Winery for a wine tasting and lunch after getting to know Udinami. Transfer to Sheki and stay in a hotel for the night. Dinner at a restaurant featuring regional Mugam music. Mugam is a very popular kind of traditional Azerbaijani music.
Day 6: Sheki – Baku
Our trip to Sheki begins early in the morning. It is one of Azerbaijan's most picturesque cities, lying 700 meters above sea level in a historic amphitheater surrounded by mountains and oak trees. We'll learn how to make Sheki Halva at the Shebeke workshop. Then we'll go to Kish, a charming Caucasian village with stone houses and cobblestone lanes that served as the capital of the local khanate in the past. After lunch, you'll visit the Sheki Ipek Silk Mill for a tour. The kelagai (traditional silk women's headscarf), which is listed on UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, is not just Sheki's pride, but also Azerbaijan's. Then you'll return to Baku. You will spend the night at a hotel.
Day 7: Baku – Absheron Peninsula – Baku
Gala's Historical and Archaeological Museum is the first intriguing stop on our agenda. The earliest human habitation in the Bronze Age. On the site of an archaeological dig near a 5th century fortification, an open-air museum has been built. We'll visit the antiques museum after touring around the village. Then you'll head to the Ateshgah Temple of Fire Worshipers, which is well-known. This never-ending fire is fueled by crude oil. You'll travel on an exciting tour to Yanardag, often known as Burning Mountain, after lunch. For thousands of years, the mountainside has been on fire. You'll go to the local green market when you get in Baku. The night will be spent at a hotel.
Day 8: Baku – Airport
Breakfast. Transfer to airport.

Price per person:
02 pax – 1 215 $
04 pax – 885 $
06 pax – 755 $
08 pax – 725 $
10 pax – 680 $
Single – 140 $

- Guide
- Transport
- Full board
- Accommodation:
            Baku – “Atropat”/ “Modern Hotel”/ “Parkway Inn” Hotel 4*
            Sheki – “Issam Hotel & Spa” Hotel 4*
- Entrance fees to museums
- Drinking water (0.5 liters) per day per person
Not included:
- Visa
- Flights
- Single room
- Medical insurance
- Photo and video charges in museums and monuments


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