Rukh Ordo construction

One of the ancient locations of Kyrgyzstan is Rukh Ordo complex. This is the complex of amazing opportunities of communication means, as religions can be concentrated there. At the same time it is the center of the feelings of religious meaning and thoughts to be perceived here. You are able to get there on the rented cars and feel mutual understanding of people of various religions. Being here you are able to get legends and historical events felt.

You are the one to travel in Kyrgyzstan and get to see the complex from the scientific point of view, as the creation of the building was made on purpose, as the people wanted to connect the people of different religions. It is also the site where presidents on summits come. The complex can be visited in the tour along the Issyk Kul region, as being near the lake in the south and Kungei Ala-Too in the north. Concerning the main idea of the creation of the complex, it supposed to unite 5 religions, making the country being the center of spiritual life. There are the chapels making the meaning of the religions themselves, making the people being tolerated to each other, which is of great importance nowadays. So welcome here on cars rented for immersing in history while the tour made and beauty of nature as travel experience is of great need for the foreigners and the locals.


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