Red rocks of Jeti Oguz gorge - Seven Bulls

Our guests of the country in tours will be able to explore the charm of the country, mountain landscapes in tours of Kyrgyzstan and also see the beautiful mountain gorge called Jeti Oguz. It is known for its beautiful sights and is located 28 km from the city of Karakol in the Issyk-Kul region. The attractive location will enchant you with its natural landscapes and also show you all the beautiful views. And you can enjoy renting a car from us and go on tours around Kyrgyzstan. You will also be able to explore near the red rocks of the gorge, which translates as Seven Bulls.

Got the name of the gorge from its appearance. And you will be able to explore that it is also beautiful with legends and stories. You will be able to rent a car to see nature, plunge into nature and also feel the clean air. There is a well-known myth that says that there was a king who wanted to kill bulls. And he was able to do it and killed seven bulls. Everything eventually turned into a red hill of blood color, which symbolize the Seven Bulls. We want to offer you excellent tours of Kyrgyzstan with beautiful nature and charming sights, as well as car rental.


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