Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Our guests of the country before traveling to Kyrgyzstan can study information about the mountains for tours. Kyrgyzstan has very beautiful mountains and is proud of them. For example, to go on tours, you can rent a car and see beautiful mountain landscapes, ridges and enjoy unsurpassed views. During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, our clients will be able to learn that mountain ranges consist of gorges, valleys, and territories of peaks.

We mainly offer our state students in tugostyamkyrgyzstan to learn a lot of facts about the country, rent a car on tours, so that it is comfortable and full of all amenities. You will also notice that the altitude changes mainly and about 94% of the country are located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. And about 71% above 2000 meters, it will also be possible to go to the most remote parts of the country.

You will notice that the Tien Shan Mountains are a chain of ridges and in Central Asia they are considered the largest mountain range. It is known that in Kyrgyzstan about 2\3 territories are covered by the charming Tien Shan Mountains. In turn, the mountains also have divisions into Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and inner ridges. There are also glaciers on the territory of the republic. In Kyrgyzstan, one of the most famous glaciers is the Enilchek Glacier, which is considered one of the highest. On its territory, it has 2 peaks-Pobeda and Khan-Tengri with a height of more than 7000 meters. You can also see that there are 23 peaks in Kyrgyzstan and their height is more than 6000 meters.


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