Dungan mosque as a building without nails

Historical and artistic monument, one of the greatest buildings of Dungan architecture is required to see in tours through Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. We recommend you to use our car rent service if you do not want to waste your time on public transport.

The mosque is a magnificent example of the Chinese architectural style of the Qing era (1644-1911). Chinese architecture has developed over more than 5 millennia. During this time, she developed a number of techniques, both construction and composition.

The mosque was built in the style of a Buddhist pagoda, specially invited for this purpose from Beijing, the Chinese architect Zhou-Si, who was about 40 years old at the time. He worked with 20 masters who came from China to Kyrgyzstan. The foundations and stone work were done by local craftsmen, and all the woodwork was done by Chinese. Zhou-Si drew ornaments on the tree, which were immediately carved by his assistants. In accordance with the project, every detail was thought out, every detail was provided for. Parts of the future building were prepared for about 3 years. At first, all the main parts of the structure were prepared from Tien-Shan spruce, poplar, elm and other local wood species, and the carved parts were made of walnut wood. Within 3 months, all the parts were assembled and the building was built. The construction of the mosque was completed on May 10, 1910. We will be glad to show you this atmospheric mosque in your tours though Kyrgyzstan. Do not forget about our car rent service which we offer in tours.


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