Altyn Arashan gorge

Every day, as there are a variety of fascinating sites in the area, we try to learn about those that seem to be the most visited tours, such as Kyrgyzstan's Altyn Arashan Gorge. For a lot of hot water, it's a gorge. Nowadays, by car rental in Kyrgyzstan, it is easy to cross there, as in the town of Karakol, anyone can start in the Altyn Arashan River valley, 10 km from the south.

We see why the very name is translated as "Golden Spa." returning to the essence of the rise of the gorge. Every tour will concentrate on highlighting the ability to sample mineralized waters that are healthy for both health and body. In Kyrgyzstan, renting a car is a chance to see a natural resort and discover the nature of our beautiful land on tours.

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